About VCNC

The County of Ventura has adopted a strategic plan to help guide and strengthen its ability to address funding, workforce and community needs. One of our most important objectives within the plan is: “Increase the effectiveness of our communications with the public so that they have easy access to information and that we convey our messages in ways that are transparent, relevant and understood.”

The Ventura County News Channel is designed to inform and educate the public about the activities, services and programs of the 27 agencies and departments that make up the County of Ventura government. Using stories (text), video, photos, features and social media, the News Channel shows residents the many ways their tax dollars are being spent to make Ventura County a better place to live and work.

The County recognizes the importance of communicating with the public about programs and services that promote good government; provide financial stability; develop a strong and dedicated workforce; protect our environment, land and infrastructure; create healthier communities; and keep the public safe.

To that end, the County uses a variety of communications tools – including the traditional media, the Internet and social media – to keep the public informed. This commitment to communication supports the County’s goal of transparency.

The News Channel aggregates news and information from County sites to create a central source for County news that is both verified and in its proper context.

It is not intended for breaking news (except for alerts about major, countywide events such as wildfires or earthquakes). The News Channel produces high quality feature stories that illustrate how the County is working to achieve its strategic goals.

While administered by the County Public Information Office, the Ventura County News Channel is actually a collaborative effort of all County agencies and departments to bring more information to the public.

Comments and questions can be sent to: vcnewschannel@ventura.org

Use of material on this site:

The Ventura County News Channel is intended to share information with the public about the County’s programs and services that add value to the public’s health, safety and environment. Because of this, we encourage the sharing of information found on the Ventura County News Channel website. However, the County of Ventura does retain copyright on its website design elements, including but not limited to, graphic images, logos, trademarks and web codes.

The Ventura County News Channel is licensed to use certain stock photographs owned by third-party rights owners. In instances where there is access to these copyrighted materials, users of the Ventura County News Channel must respect all copyrights and may not copy, modify, retrieve or forward copyrighted materials, except where expressly allowed by copyright law or with written permission from the owner of the rights. Users may contact the News Channel to determine whether a photograph appearing on this website is owned by a third-party.